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Public Risk Management of Florida (PRM) is a risk management and self-insurance pool for governmental agencies in the State of Florida, formed according to Florida Statutes Sections 768.28(6)(A) and 163.01. PRM is a member-run organization, providing members voting rights to important organizational decisions.

In 1987, the Southwest Florida Intergovernmental Risk Management Association launched with eight charter members. The idea was to create a more cost-effective alternative to a difficult commercial insurance marketplace for government entities. The advantage of the pooling structure was to provide economies of scale, collaboration, and most importantly – stability.

In 1994, the name was changed to Public Risk Management of Florida (PRM) to accommodate the growth of the group throughout all of Florida. Similarly, the coverage, resources, and services have continued to evolve to provide a best-in-class risk management solution for Florida governments.

Executive Board

Logo for Winter Garden. The logo states, ' Winter Garden' and has the top of a government building sitting on top of the text.
Logo for Oviedo, Florida. The logo states, 'Oviedo, Florida, Inc. 1925' and circles around a tree, orange, and celery.
City of Umatilla logo

Frank Gilbert
City of Winter Garden

Jerry Boop
Vice Chair
City of Oviedo

Regina Frazier
City of Umatilla

Logo for Okeechobee County BOCC. The logo states, 'Okeechobee County Florida' and circles around a lake at sunset. Two unidentifiable people are in a boat on the water. fishing.

Wilbur Dean
Levy County BOCC

Deborah Manzo
Okeechobee County BOCC

Terri Svendsen
City of Wauchula

Sandra Amerson
City of Zephyrhills